More classical music levels are headed to Piano Tiles 2

Piano Tiles 2 is the sequel to the viral hit sensation Piano Tiles (Don’t Touch the White Tile), and it’s out right now on iOS and Android.

It challenges you to tap a series of black tiles that appear in rhythm to whichever song you choose which boosts your score.


Just make sure you don’t accidentally tap anywhere else on the screen though. That’s game over, and you’ll be forced to try again if you want to beat that high score.

To learn more about what Piano Tiles 2 offers that others in the genre don’t, as well as the challenges faced during development and the plans for future updates, we spoke to Cheetah Mobile.

What do you think Piano Tiles 2 offers that you can’t get from any other title on the App Store?

“We looked at Piano Tiles 2 as helping everyone to fulfill a musical dream rather than it simply being a game.

“To achieve that, we developed a pleasing, fresh, and elegant UI, and looked to provide as smooth a game playing experience as possible. We also added loads of beautiful songs, and included an endless mode to enrich the experience.”

What challenges did you face during development, and how did you overcome them?

“Our main challenge was in trying to optimise the performance – we wanted to make sure that as soon as you tapped a tile, the music would match up perfectly.

We actually stopped development on new features for two months so we could ensure the Android version was on par with the iOS one in terms of performance.”

Which part of Piano Tiles 2 are you personally the most proud of and why?

“Our team has never spent so much time and energy on a single game before, so we’re incredibly proud of all of the hard work that went into developing Piano Tiles 2.

“At the beginning of the project, we asked everyone in the team to tell us their musical dreams, and also collected comments from many users. We were impressed by their feedback.


“We wanted everyone to be able to live their musical dreams and we believe we’ve achieved that.”

Do you have anything planned in terms of future updates for Piano Tiles 2 and, if so, can you give us any details of what these might include?

“We will continue to provide updates, with a focus on creative new features and content.

“As well as adding more classical music levels, we plan to cooperate with the best musicians to bring Chinese pop music to the international stage.”

Have you any plans to bring Piano Tiles 2 to any other mobile platforms, like Windows Phone?

“Piano Tiles 2 is out right now on iOS and Android, but we also have plans for a Windows Phone version. We’d like everyone to have the chance to experience our game.”


Extreme sound quality only in piano tiles 2

Piano Tiles 2 both have fun and enjoy the music

Piano Tiles on top Google Play’s US Free Game Rankings


Extreme sound quality only in piano tiles 2

Piano Tiles 2 may be the follow up towards the greatly popular piano tiles 2 games. New gameplay, first-class seem quality along with a global competition mode provide your fingers a quick paced thrill using the elegance of piano playing!


– Great new style, multicolor instead of black and white.

– New gameplay.

– Global competition mode, challenge yourself yet others, attempt to end up being the best.

– Earning free gems.

– A lot of music optional.

– New top quality sounds, new tunes.


How to play piano tiles 

The only core rule is: just tap the black tiles to the music and avoid tapping anywhere else. Try it out, enjoy the piano music, train your fingers to be faster, and see if you can beat the world!

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We’d love to hear your suggestions and comments! More improvements and new features are coming, so stay tuned!



Piano Tiles 2 both have fun and enjoy the music

Piano Tiles on top Google Play’s US Free Game Rankings

Download Piano Tiles 2 Free

Piano Tiles 2 both have fun and enjoy the music

Piano Tiles 2 ™ (Don’t tap white tiles 2), playing entirely new Slider, the more interesting experience, faster speed, extreme music great, you want to challenge his finger speed, load and play time.

New characteristics of Piano Tiles 2 game:
How to play entirely new slider, experience the stimulation of the games.
Many Super episodes and music style.
Store favorite music, both classical music and music of the child.
Completely new background screen, music list simple and clear.
The gameplay is easy, effective, unmatched Visual.
Competition achievements with friends, with the same players worldwide.
Use the FB account log into the game is probably more data to same terminals.
Comprehensive music quality upgrading, please hurry up to feel.

Rules of play:
Just peace according to the music press on button black, not trampled on the white button! Mau mau to play! A great music festival, playing the link with your friends, you much more quickly.

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