Piano Tiles 2 both have fun and enjoy the music

Piano Tiles 2 ™ (Don’t tap white tiles 2), playing entirely new Slider, the more interesting experience, faster speed, extreme music great, you want to challenge his finger speed, load and play time.

New characteristics of Piano Tiles 2 game:
How to play entirely new slider, experience the stimulation of the games.
Many Super episodes and music style.
Store favorite music, both classical music and music of the child.
Completely new background screen, music list simple and clear.
The gameplay is easy, effective, unmatched Visual.
Competition achievements with friends, with the same players worldwide.
Use the FB account log into the game is probably more data to same terminals.
Comprehensive music quality upgrading, please hurry up to feel.

Rules of play:
Just peace according to the music press on button black, not trampled on the white button! Mau mau to play! A great music festival, playing the link with your friends, you much more quickly.

You have questions then send a message to pianotilesfree@gmail.com, or in settings > Help and payment contact us.
Commercial cooperation:
Cheetah Mobile forward with leading game developers worldwide complete dream, we would expect the excellence of the game.
Please contact us and download: http://piano-tiles-2.net/



Piano Tiles on top Google Play’s US Free Game Rankings

“One of the things I love about the new piano tiles apk is playing Hall mode, a feature which lets me compete against others around the world — it’s addictive,” said Sylvan Wang, Producer of Piano Tiles 2. “While developing the sequel we were extremely focused on keeping the game fun, above all else. Reaching the top of the US free games category and seeing tens of millions of users enjoying a game which promotes classical music really validates those efforts for us.”

The original, piano tiles 2 game (Don’t Tap the White Tile) reached massive success with over 300 million total downloads. Piano Tiles 2 stays faithful to the magic of the previous version while also adding competitive Hall mode, an improved design, and a nearly endless amount of new songs, including original tunes and classic favorites.

Piano Tiles

Over 635,000 Google Play users have rated the game 5-stars, resulting in an average rating of 4.6 stars for the app. Users also love sharing their top scores, especially after the video of Piano Tiles 2 from YouTube’s biggest star, PewDiePie. iOS 9 users playing the game also recently gained the ability to record their gameplay directly inside the app with a single button for an even easier way to share their experience.

Piano Tiles 2 is available for free on Google Play and the App Store. What are you waiting for? Get tapping!

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Link download: http://piano-tiles-2.net/

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Piano Tiles 2

With many attractive new features make Piano Tiles 2

– Not only can you play the piano, but also many other instruments.
– Increase the vogue new songs, and classical music and arouse your resonance.
– Gameplay is easy, visual efficiency unmatched.
– Competitive achievements with friends, performing together with global players.
– Use your account to log into FB any game can be a lot of data terminals and enjoy.
– Quality comprehensive music upgrade, quick to sense any.
Let’s start at the banquet Piano concert with the band, PK with friends, making prodigious speed your hands faster offline.

Wish you success with exciting new games Piano tiles to this.

Link download: http://piano-tiles-2.net/