Piano Tiles 2-games “hands of the faster the brain” causing fever network community

Recently, so many young people to display their talents circulating faster hands his brain for Piano Tiles 2 mobile game.

Piano Tiles 2 (Do not Tap The White Tile 2) is the part of a serial game piano tiles. Also with simple gameplay style as the beginning but the game has made improvements to create the special attraction for the player himself.

Piano Tiles 2

The first improvements to the interface that is the game. Piano Tiles 2 more colorful, brighter, more attractive look than the black and white look of the piece. Enhanced sound quality and additional works of classical piano music of famous composers such as Mozart, Beethoven, Chopin, Schubert …

Especially Piano Tiles 2 allows data synchronization with Facebook, so you can play games, compete with your friends. As well as sharing the peak performances of his piano to your loved ones. Piano Tiles 2 also allows you to show off their peak level in international comparison. These are the new elements that make the game not only attract players in Vietnam, but also around the world.

Piano Tiles 2 gameplay is fairly simple as the name of it Do not Tap The White Tile 2 – Do not touch the white space. In the game, players need to touch the piano keys black spot along the screen. Be careful not to miss any frets and absolutely do not touch the white space (actually might be blue, pale pink …) moving speed of the film will be speeding up above. The higher, you need to demonstrate proficiency “brain faster hands” to be able to accurately touch the film above: eyes, hands touch, do not use your brain. In addition there will be some herd film asks you tap and hold for a while.

Piano Tiles 2

Piano Tiles 2 has a system of massive piano music. Most of them will be unlocked once players achieve certain levels. But there are some classics you need to spend money to unlock if desired.

To unwind with a peak of musical works as well as the ability to practice fast hands and quick eye can compete with your friends, Piano Tiles 2 is a great game can not more.

Download here: http://piano-tiles-2.net/

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